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NexGen Technologies is proud to have the 1st TMMi Lead Assessor in the North America and South America.

NexGen has partnered with TMMi Foundation offering comprehensive Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) services designed to help organizations assess, improve, and optimize their testing processes. As a trusted partner, we empower businesses to achieve higher levels of test maturity, enhance software quality, and drive business success. With our expertise in TMMi, proven methodologies, and commitment to excellence, we guide organizations through their journey towards achieving world-class testing standards.

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Demonstrated authority with the following Industry Credentials on TMMi:

  • 1st TMMi Lead Assessor in entire North and South America
  • Our Lead Assessor successfully led the 1st Formal TMMi assessment ever performed in North America for any Organization at any level
  • Serve on the Board of TMMi America Board as President
  • Our Lead Assessor enabled Dell to be the 1st in North America to be TMMi L3 certified and BCBS NC to be 1st HealthCare to be TMMi certified globally
  • Architect of 1st case study published in TMMi Website (Success Case Study of Dell TMMi Certification)
  • Accredited to be the 1st TMMi TPI (Test Process Improver) in entire North America (6th globally)
  • Our Lead Assessor led multiple formal certifications and Re-certifications in US
  • Our Lead Assessor is the key Contributor of the latest TMMi Professional syllabus (version 2.0) to address TMMi in an Agile context (only contributor from America)
  • Provided dominance in TMMi as a Global leader with unique capabilities being 1st in America on 11 different aspects
  • Only contributor from US to be part of the Technical committee for TMMi 2.0 (DevOps/ DevSecOps)
  • Our Lead Assessor has paper publication on TMMi Transformation in TMMi Website
  • Our Lead Assessor’s article on TMMi in Quality Matters magazine, Issue 9, Sep 2019 (approached by the European Testing Board to publish)

Our Approach:

  1. TMMi Assessment and Gap Analysis: We conduct thorough assessments of your current testing processes and capabilities to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Our TMMi experts evaluate your organization against the TMMi framework’s key maturity levels, from initial to optimizing, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your testing practices.
  2. TMMi Implementation and Roadmap Development: Based on the findings of the assessment, we collaborate with your teams to develop a tailored roadmap for implementing TMMi practices. Our consultants work closely with your stakeholders to define clear objectives, milestones, and timelines for achieving higher levels of test maturity and continuous improvement.
  3. Process Improvement and Optimization: We help you implement best practices and methodologies to optimize your testing processes and achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Our TMMi services cover areas such as test planning, test design, test execution, defect management, and test automation, enabling you to deliver high-quality software products with confidence.
  4. Training and Capability Building: We provide comprehensive training programs and workshops to upskill your teams and build internal capabilities in TMMi practices. From TMMi awareness sessions to advanced training on specific areas of test maturity, our experts equip your teams with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in their testing roles.

TMMi Training provider:

NexGen is one of the top 2 companies in USA accredited by TMMi foundation as a registered formal Training Provider to conduct TMMi professional training.

  • Offer officially recognized TMMi training to individual professionals looking to grow their TMMi knowlegde and skills.
  • Promote the knowledge that surrounds the TMMi model and greater implementation of continuous improvement.
  • Prepare individuals for the official TMMi Professional exam that is administered by the recognized TMMi exam providers.
  • Share their practical experiences about applying TMMi in the field.

Benefits of Partnering with NexGen for TMMi Integration:

  • Data-Driven Approach: Gain a clear understanding of your testing maturity level based on objective data and industry benchmarks.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Develop a concrete plan with actionable steps to guide your journey towards testing excellence.
  • Enhanced Efficiency & Effectiveness: Implement best practices to optimize your testing processes, saving time and delivering better quality software.
  • Reduced Risks & Costs: Proactive risk mitigation and improved testing effectiveness lead to reduced defects and lower development costs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Foster a continuous improvement culture within your organization, ensuring your testing practices remain aligned with evolving industry standards and project requirements.

The benefits that can be achieved with TMMi are categorized under six headings. A high 94% of the TMMi users are experiencing benefits for product quality (e.g., reduced product risks and/or reduced number of defects). Benefits are also commonly experienced with test efficiency (78%), e.g., increased testing productivity, compliance (85%), e.g., achieved test certification and/or achieved standard compliance. Benefits regarding business alignment (now at 64%) are much more present that with the previous TMMi user survey (39%).

Image © TMMi Foundation

Image © TMMi Foundation

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